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Curated Shopping Recommendations

Occasionally, Dr Hoenig recommends an item to purchase online.
You can find some of those recommendations on this page. (#ad)


AmLactin Ultra – For dry skin, fine lines and aging on the face and body. Dr Hoenig recommends applying to damp skin after exiting the shower or bath.

Dermaroller 0.25mm for thin skin

Dermaroller 0.50mm for medium thick skin

click here for Instructions on Use of a Dermaroller

Plexaderm – Temporarily reduce the appearance of under eye bags

Peter Thomas Roth FirmX – For temporarily minimizing festoons (under eye bags)

Your Face Pillow – Recommended for sleeping on your back, especially after face or eyelid surgery. Alternatively, some of our patients have used the Pillo1 pillow seen below this one.

Pillo1 – For assistance in sleeping on your back after facial or eyelid surgery, or to prevent sleep lines. Be sure to select the appropriate size for your neck – Comes in small, medium, and large.

Saline Nasal Spray  – For nasal dryness due to allergies, cold, flu, rhinitis, and sinusitis or to help relieve congestion




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