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Happy Patients – Danya

“Hi Danya,  I need to thank you again for your magic. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am!  You made me so happy.  I look in the mirror and feel like myself again. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you.” (MR, from Los Angeles, for Botox and Juvederm)

“Danya, Thank you for making me look so much younger. I have received so many compliments – I think you took 10 years off me.” Anna (from Burbank, CA for lower eyelid restylane and Botox treatments)

“Danya, Thank you for all of your talent, energy, and sensitivity – helping me cross over to “the other side”. XOXO,” Laura (filler and Botox patient from Missouri)

“Danya, I’ve been so busy since my appointment but wanted to let you know my impressions so far on Xeomin. In a phrase, I love it! Upon awakening the day after my appointment, my “lateral brow-lift” had already taken effect and by the morning of the third day, it was all systems go. Actually, this is the best liquid brow-lift yet. Anyway, I look great and had 2 new acquaintances almost fell over when I told them my real age. Love that. I really appreciate the time you take with me to answer my endless questions as well as your eye for aesthetics and your honesty. Every experience I’ve had at your office has been more than positive and your staff is just amazing. What a change from the Doctor I was seeing for Botox/Juvey in Valencia! I am really looking forward to my consult with Dr. H in the new year and will schedule my procedure when I see him. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Dear Danya, My face looks amazing! You did a fabulous job! I have become a customer for life! Thank you so much.”  MaryAnn  (botox and juvederm patient)


“Dear Danya, Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday and on such short notice! I am thrilled with the results to help my Moh’s surgery scar and the dog ear. Makes a huge difference! I really had no idea how much my right cheek had been sunken as a result of closing up the wound. But I can sure see the difference now! Thanks again.You’re the BEST!” Barbara (from Brentwood, botox and juvederm filler patient of Danya)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig and Danya, Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You have exceeded all my expectations (high). From the environment of the office, your kindness, and caring to your beautiful work. I am beyond pleased and you will be highly recommended for any facial surgery or skin care. Many thanks,” D. B. (Beverly Hills facelift patient)

“Dear Danya and Jonathan, Thank you so much for you kindness. I never looked forward to a doctor’s visit before meeting both of you. Warmest,” S.K. (actor from Los Angeles, Radiesse injections)

“Danya, Thank you again for taking your valuable time today to listen and sincerely care about my well-being. THAT is what sets your practice apart from the rest. It’s like you recognize you are not only treating the person’s body, but their mind and spirit as well. You and Dr. Hoenig have a special gift from God to help people with difficult eye complications. God must have been listening to my prayers. I liked that you understood and said, “this is a journey, Amy” because it IS and that is why commitment and trust is so paramount. You touch people and change their lives and improve the quality of their lives.”


Dear Danya, My hands look great….honestly I think with this procedure you are responsible for taking every bit of ten years off of them. I did experience a bit of swelling…but no more then from the product itself for the first 24 hours. Unnoticeable unless you knew. Again thanks so much for everything, to both you and Dr. Hoenig, that you do to make me feel better about my appearance. Best wishes,” G.R. (university administrator from Los Alamitos, for radiesse to hands)

“Dear Danya, I wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did with my Botox and Juvederm injections. You really are the Da Vinci of injectors and my results are amazing in that I can still move my muscles but have a smooth brow and my lines have all but disappeared from the Juvederm. I can’t imagine going to anyone else! I still look like me only refreshed and rejuvenated. Everyone keeps asking me “what’s different” and comments that I look rested. I’ll be back for more as soon as things start to wear off. Thanks again,” W.R. (wine salesperson from Valencia, CA for Botox and Juvederm injections)

“Dear Danya, Thank you so very much for your wonderful care after my first procedure. I was so glad you were with me during the lower eyelid surgery. You have a wonderful combination of professionalism and kindness. Ken is so pleased with his first Botox and filler results. You have two lifetime patients. My sincere best regards,” J.S. (housewife from Newport Coast, CA, lower eyelid surgery, browlift, facelift, fat transfer)


“I was so impressed by the entire experience yesterday. Everyone in your office is professional and nice and welcoming. Danya is so gentle with injecting and “gets it.” It was so great that I made an appt for three months from now. Thank you all!” W.R. (botox with Danya)

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