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Happy Patients – Dr. Hoenig

I couldn’t be happier with the results or the experience and am so grateful for the good fortune to have the best surgeon who also happens to be a wonderful human.” (Face lift, neck lift, fat transfer upper eyelid surgery; from Santa Monica)

“My adorable Dr. Hoenig, You are so kind and so compassionate! It was a dream come true seeing you. Thank you for treating me and making me beautiful.  I truly and already feel more beautiful when you asked me to“ look at you”. You’re so, so special !!  You can make this world so special for all your patients! Your most grateful and beautiful new patient.”

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, I woke up today and realized it is one year ago today I came to you for my procedure. I could have never fully imagined how grateful I could be to have been introduced to your practice. Also, to be now one year later just SO happy with your exquisite care and talent. I was very nervous in the beginning. Your patience and explaining all to me – you were really special. Anyway as I said I realized today was one year ago and I just wanted to thank you SO much! I am beyond grateful to you. My best to you and your family. Big Hug.” G.F. (Lower Face and Neck Lift with Fat Transfer, from Encino)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, I’m so grateful eternally to you for your brilliance and kindness in making me so happy about how I look. With love and thanks from your patient,” MD from Culver City, CA for facelift revision

“Here Goes…I am from New York. I live in LA. I know surgeons all over the world. I have procrastinated with going under the knife, opting for the temp fixes, which were all fine and good…until, there weren’t. In the last ten years, I had consults with prominent NYC and LA plastic surgeons. Recently, my very best, trustworthy girlfriend, told me about a plastic surgeon… who did her facial surgery. I was very impressed. I WAS IN. 12 days ago, Dr. JONATHAN HOENIG, DID MY FACIAL SURGERY. BEST OF THE BEST.


Dr. Hoenig… Hands on Experience with the most challenging of circumstances… way past Beverly Hills/ Celebrity/Rich and Famous. I am talking about a Doctor who has saved, changed and bettered the lives of men ,women and children, as they encountered life threatening circumstances that affected their whole epidermis.

As prominent and successful as Dr. Hoenig is… This, is a doctor, who is not about his deep pockets. This is a notable surgeon who takes the time and has the craft to make certain each patient gets the best attention and care, from the beginning, and how ever long it takes to make this person happy, healthy in their life.” – Beth S. from Los Angeles, CA- Posted on Yelp

“Best doctor and nicest person ever! My neck lift was just perfection, and he did some other extra things at no charge. I will never go to anyone else again. His staff (thanks Freddy) is so nice and helpful. Just can’t say enough superlatives about him. You won’t be sorry. I did a lot of research before and he is the best.” – Debra W.  from Marina Del Rey, CA- Posted on Yelp

“Dr. John Hoenig is amazing! He recently performed a surgical procedure on me, as he has done previously for other members of my family. He is a bright and skilled surgeon. He has been incredibly compassionate, knowledgeable, conscientious, professional, friendly, supportive and kind. And he has an outstanding bedside manner. I am very grateful to Dr. Hoenig and enthusiastically recommend him to others. Thank you. “- David H. from Los Angeles, CA – Posted on Yelp

“I could not be happier with the work Hoenig did. I get nothing but compliments on my face and neck. It looks natural, not “wind blown” or “plastic”. Worth every cent. He is meticulous, responsive, warm and most of all, extremely talented. Freddie is fabulous too. Thank you Dr. Hoenig and staff!” – Julie F. from Beverly Hills, CA – posted on Yelp

“I am absolutely thrilled and so happy with the surgery Dr. Hoenig performed on me.  I went to him following a previous facelift I had recently gotten from another very pricey doctor in Beverly Hills and I had been so disappointed with those results.  Dr. Hoenig performed an anterior facelift and mid-face lift and the results are phenomenal!  I have gotten so many compliments,  I wish I would have gone to him first, but he more than exceeded my hopes for a great outcome and now, one of my friends wants to book an appointment!  I couldn’t be more grateful to him.” Corinne D. from Palos Verdes Estates, CA – Posted on Yelp

“Kind personality and thoughtful bedside manner.  I had fillers and surgery with Dr. Hoenig and would do it again in a heart beat. He has the best aesthetic eye to create symmetry and a natural look.

You will not regret your decision to see him for facial enhancements.  Dr. Hoenig is the best at what he does as well as his staff, including his wife, Donya and the rest of the front and back office. They are very professional, caring, smart and efficient.” -Moniqua C. from Newport Beach, CA – Posted on Yelp

“Dr. Hoenig is a masterful artist and surgeon.  It is so rare that you find the two talents coinciding for a beautiful result.  I came to him after having a regretful experience with another doctor who caused injuries to my right ear and neck.  Dr. Hoenig and I spent a great deal of time reviewing my expectations and he instinctively knew how to repair the damage and move forward with achieving the original goals I sought.  After the surgery I was ecstatic at the result and felt I looked years younger with a natural appearance.  

I have returned to him for fillers and other treatments and would never think of going anywhere else.  He is simply the very best!  His office is extremely organized and caring. If you are considering plastic surgery or other treatments this is the doctor for you.” – Susanne S. from North Hollywood, CA – Posted on Yelp

“I cannot thank you enough for making my eyes look great! When I came to you 5 years ago after the botched eyelid surgery I had from another doctor, I didn’t know who I could trust with my eyes and face.  I know I was divinely guided to you!  You a truly great doctor who is so gifted and caring! The brow lift you did me made me look great!  I had been so self conscious because of my brows being so low after the  botched surgery from other doctor. You made me feel confident and look beautiful again!  You are a truly a wonderful doctor! Thanks again, Beth”

“I just wanted to thank you for your always excellent care. Whenever I come to see you, I’m so at ease. I have such admiration for your skill and technique, and I have great confidence in your recommendation to what’s best for me considering risk and aesthetic. I’m always so happy with the result. Thanks for being such a great doctor! Sincerely,” L.P.

“I had to send along the picture at my 50th high school class reunion “Class of ’62”. Thank to you, I felt like I looked like a million dollars! This picture had no touch up. They took several hundred photos, so it’s just the “touch up” that you did for me! Thank you so much!” C.B. (from Riverside, California)

Thank you for giving me hope with my face
and being the compassionate doctor you are.
What you are doing means so much to me.”
S.P. (patient from Encino, California, mini facelift)

“I can’t express how much you have enhanced my life. You have made my outside match how I was feeling on the inside. For that, I will be forever grateful. Ken and I always feel like we are visiting good friends when we come in for appointments.” J.S. (patient from Riverside county, facelift, fat transfer)

“Thank you very much for taking care of my eye. I felt your care and concern, and was touched by your kindness.” M.K. (patient from Los Angeles, treated for eyelid stye)

“My family and I will never forget how much you have done for me. Your exceptional talent as a surgeon is only surpassed by your kindness and good heart. Best to you and your family always.” S.P. (patient from Encino, California, mini facelift)

Thank you for “working your magic” on my neck and for making the entire experience so much easier than I had anticipated! I truly appreciate your patience and ongoing follow up – it is very reassuring! I am so excited to see the end result!” L.T. (patient from Long Beach, necklift and mini facelift)

“I speak for both D. and myself when I express our heartfelt thanks for your care and compassion shown to us this past year. Not only are you a gifted surgeon, but you are extraordinarily dedicated to the well-being of your patients. We sincerely hope that we will be able to spend time with you and your wife in the coming year!” J.R. (patient from Beverly Hills, facelift, fat transfer, chin implant, lower eyelid surgery)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. So glad you are in my life! Love,” A.S. (patient from Sherman Oaks, California, facelift, fat transfer, upper and lower eyelid surgery, endoscopic browlift)

” I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me.
While I was in the waiting room, other patients were commenting
on what wonderful work you do as well
Considering how stressful it must be,
I wanted to make sure you know that
there are many people who appreciate the work you do.
Sincerely, Cyndi”

“Dear Dr. J, This is just a reaching out to thank you again for the subtle but dramatic “tweaking” you have done to my face & neck. I re-appreciate your brilliance and keen eye every time I look in the mirror. You are truly the gift that keeps giving !! My only regret is that we did not meet years earlier. Fondly,” D.R. (Beverly Hills)

“Thank you, Dr. Hoenig for your finesse in enhancing my lips this morning. They look very natural and seem perfectly proportioned to my face. I am so happy! You always know the right thing to do. xoxo, ” M.F. (restylane lip enhancement, from Porter Ranch, CA)

:Dear Dr. Hoenig, Thank you so much for your excellent efforts on my behalf. I knew you did more for more than the planned “neck lift plus” and also corrected the results of the lift of 6 years ago. Aside from your fine handiwork, I’ve especially valued your post-op care, personal attention and game plan for the future. Your generosity of time and effort truly standout! You have “lifted” me in more ways that you know. One of your very grateful patients,” Lynne (necklift, Palm Desert, CA)

“Thanks for your excellent care and treatment. I’m very pleased with the results and so much appreciate your obvious concern for your patients.” Best wishes, Nancy

“Hi Dr. Hoenig, I have to tell you that I LOVE the Belotero. Between the peel and the Belotero, my eyes look better than they have for years. Perfection! No lumps, no hollows, and no wrinkles. Thank you. Sincerely,” D. B. (eyelid Belotero, and TCA peel, from Torrance, CA

Every morning when I wake up, I am cheered by the younger, more vibrant self who greets me in the mirror.
I feel lucky, not just to be more attractive, but also it seems to be gifted with some extra time on this earth!
You do wonderful work! Thank you!”
E.M. (patient from Oxnard, facelift and fat transfer)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, Thank you for being so kind to me and for my new look. I’m really pleased and I feel and look much younger than 82 years old. You will will forever be in my prayers and I’m looking forward to taking you and your wife to dinner – and soon! My best always,” E.V. (from Los Angeles, necklift and lower eyelid surgery)

You are a wonderful physician with such a light artistic approach! We thank you for your concern and care.”

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, Danya and team, Thank you once again for being an artist & genius & treating me so amazingly. I’m so grateful to have found you & be able to fix my issues. Several people have told me how great I look but they don’t know why 🙂 So Thank you again & know that you are so appreciated & mean a lot to a lot of people 🙂 Sincerely,” D.E. (from Venice, California for radiesse, juvederm, and restylane injections)

“Thank you for your generosity. No one would have done what you did for me and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and admiration for you and your work. You’re the Best!” Always, Jane (from Camarillo, California for necklift, chin augmentation, btx, fillers)

“It has been one year since I had my facelift and I am still loving my look!
I enjoy looking at your website and reading the comments from your patients
you truly were a blessing to me—
not only are you a great surgeon but you are a CARING doctor too”
Sincerely, ” FL (facelift, eyelid ptosis repair, browlift)

“Hi, Dr. Hoenig. Seeing my old neck pics yesterday was a shocker. I look so beautiful now, I think! Honestly, every single morning when I first look in the mirror it’s still an “oooh” feeling for me. Just want to say thanks again, and I’m glad I found you.” Michelle (necklift, with mini facelift, Rockaway, NY)

“I speak for both my wife and myself when I express our heartfelt thanks for your care and compassion shown to us this past year. Not only are you a gifted surgeon, but you are extraordinarily dedicated to the well-being of your patients. We sincerely hope that we will be able to spend time with you and your wife in the coming years!” J.R. (from Beverly Hills, facelift, fat transfer, chin implant, lower eyelid surgery)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, Yesterday is EXACTLY three months since my surgery and I am doing really well. Of course I love what I see and I could not be happier with the results. Everything is perfect to say the least, and you are absolutely the most talented and best surgeon on the planet. I can’t thank you enough for the new face that I love. Thanks again,” Susan (from New York, NY, facelift, browlift, upper eyelid surgery)

“Just a small token to say how very much I have appreciated all your caring and kindness. You and your amazing staff have made this experience easier than I could have imagined.” Diane (from Valencia, CA for mini face and neck lift)

“Hello Dr. Hoenig, The most recent round of fillers look great. You did a great job giving me natural-looking fuller cheeks and younger eyes. I don’t know how you do it with all these little fat ridges in the way. A friend said my contours now look more like I did – pre fat transfer and two years of ensuing stress. The trick will be to keep me topped-off in the face so I don’t look like I need a hamburger all the time! I’m holding off on the Fraxel for now because they haven’t done any studies as to whether it will play well with Belotero given that it’s injected closer to the surface. I don’t want to risk ruining your beautiful work. Thanks again – Dawn” (from Huntington Beach, CA)

“Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did to my face.
You even fixed my ears! It makes me feel so good to know that you’re the BEST!
You did what no other doctor could do! No more lines under my eyes.
Never forget you! Sincerely,”
Virginia (from La Habra, California, extended neck lift , lower eyelid surgery)

“Thank you once again for your amazing treatment of my mother and I! I absolutely love what you did for me. You are a plethora of helpful information to me and I really appreciate that too. Thank you again, Dr. Hoenig” D.T. (from Venice, CA for non-surgical rejuvenation, mother had lower eyelid surgery))

“Thank you so much for your excellent work on my under eye hollows. This is an area of my face that has been bothering me for years. I decided to go to you because you are the best. The results of your work are natural/subtle. Your office and staff are friendly and relaxed. It’s obvious you have a loyal following in Southern California. As long as you are in business, I will see no other to treat my eyes. Thanks again, Louise” (from Phoenix, restylane in lower eyelids)

“Words alone cannot express the “hakavos hatov” (good feelings) I feel towards your sensitivity and the special attention you gave me. I know that this is routine for you but obviously it was traumatic for me. I put all my faith and trust in you, and you not only didn’t disappoint me but rather showed me what a professional and true mensch you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are. All my best,” C.H. (patient from Beverly Hills, facelift, browlift, fat transfer, chemical peel)

“Danya, Thank you for making me look so much younger. I have received so many compliments – I think you took 10 years off me.” Anna (from Burbank, CA for lower eyelid restylane and Botox treatments)

“My eyes are looking sooo good!! Thank to you. I love it.
I do appreciate all of the many appointments to get done so right.
I know you’ve gone out of your way to achieve such good results.
Thank you so much.” Sandie (from Ontario, California, upper eyelid surgery)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, Susan was right about everything she said about you and more. Thank you for your time, for your advice. In honor of you, I’ll donate to Smile Train. Respectfully,” T.W. (from Los Angeles, facial filler consultation)

“Danya, Thank you for all of your talent, energy, and sensitivity – helping me cross over to “the other side”. XOXO,” Laura (filler and Botox patient from Missouri)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig and wonderful staff, Thank you for taking such fantastic care of my sister during and after her surgery. Your care and attention meant a lot to both of us. All the best,” Julie (sister in Beverly Hills, facelift and fat transfer)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig and staff, I wanted to thank you that you took me in today and for the attention and service. I will never forget it. You were really unbelievable. Once again thank you very much. Best regards. Very sincerely, Benjamin”

“Danya, I’ve been so busy since my appointment but wanted to let you know my impressions so far on Xeomin. In a phrase, I love it! Upon awakening the day after my appointment, my “lateral brow-lift” had already taken effect and by the morning of the third day, it was all systems go. Actually, this is the best liquid brow-lift yet. Anyway, I look great and had 2 new acquaintances almost fell over when I told them my real age. Love that. I really appreciate the time you take with me to answer my endless questions as well as your eye for aesthetics and your honesty. Every experience I’ve had at your office has been more than positive and your staff is just amazing. What a change from the Doctor I was seeing for Botox/Juvey in Valencia! I am really looking forward to my consult with Dr. H in the new year and will schedule my procedure when I see him. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving.”

You were sent from above! I am so thankful for your talents!
You are pretty wonderful! Thank you!” Jackie

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, One year ago today you did my facelift and this is a much overdue thank you. You are such a caring doctor. I was amazed when you came to my house to remove my bandages and then kept in touch with me every day for a week. Little did I know that that was just the beginning of a year of special treatment. It was a comfort to know that I could contact you personally whenever I felt the need. There aren’t many doctors who will do this. Thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do for me. I’m so glad that I found you!!! With sincere thanks,” G.R. (from Granada Hills, CA, browlift, upper eyelid surgery, necklift, fat transfer)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, Thank you from the deepest depth of my being. You have given me back my confidence when all the other Drs. I visited gave me little hope. You are a genius and a most caring Dr.  I am late in sending my deep gratitude as I am in a very serious relationship. He thinks I am beautiful and you have made me that way……….

To anyone that reads this, I just want to say that I had a very botched facelift and this Dr. restored my eyes and neck. My neck has never looked like this since I was 30. He loves his work which is so obvious when you meet him and the follow-up is unbelievable! I consulted with 5 different best of Beverly Hills docs and Dr. Hoenig is the only one that took the challenge. Thanks again. I know you are helping someone else as I write this….. ” Janet (from Palm Springs, CA, face and necklift revision, bilateral eyelid canthoplasty)

“Dear Danya, My face looks amazing! You did a fabulous job!
I have become a customer for life! Thank you so much.”
MaryAnn (botox and juvederm patient)

“Dear Danya, Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday and on such short notice! I am thrilled with the results to help my Moh’s surgery scar and the dog ear. Makes a huge difference! I really had no idea how much my right cheek had been sunken as a result of closing up the wound. But I can sure see the difference now! Thanks again.You’re the BEST!” Barbara (from Brentwood, botox and juvederm filler patient of Danya)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig and Danya, Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You have exceeded all my expectations (high 😉 ). From the environment of the office, your kindness, and caring to your beautiful work. I am beyond pleased and you will be highly recommended for any facial surgery or skin care. Many thanks,” D. B. (Beverly Hills facelift patient)

“What can I say about Dr Hoenig? Words cannot describe how pleased I am with my Facelift surgery experience. Dr Hoenig is a kind, gifted artist and passionate master – a true perfectionist with a sharp eye for the smallest of details– and a genuinely caring person. In this day and age, with so many plastic surgeons offering procedures on every corner of our streets, yet so little of them having the talent for excellent results, I feel blessed to have met Dr Hoenig. This truly has been a great experience- before, during, and after – and I would recommend Dr Hoenig to anyone without any hesitations, knowing that I am passing on the blessing on to other women who will be so fortunate to know about Dr Hoenig.” A.B. (Beverly Hills facelift patient)

“This is me after 9 hours on the job, at midnight in the locker room at work and I have never looked better!! Wow!! One of the young girls I work with came to me tonight for bridal make-up advice because I look so “fresh”. I nearly fell over laughing, but she was much too young to know the truth. I’m so impressed with Dr. H’s work I can’t tell you. I have never looked this good in my life. No joke. No undefined heavy cheeks!!! Fabulous jawline! I feel like when I get compliments now (and they happen randomly, this is new!) I feel I should say: “Thanks! I’m wearing a Hoenig” 🙂 🙂 M.S. (from Menlo Park, facelift patient)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, Thank you for putting me back together again. A year ago I got to find out how a tendency toward extreme self-scrutiny can go horribly wrong when I found someone who didn’t say no to me, or perhaps saw “green” instead of a need to “screen”. Over time I’ve realized that I’d been somewhat fortunate for the most part of my life to have surrounded myself with people who managed me well. I was also smart enough to put controls in place for myself. What can I say. . .? I had a really bad day – which led to a really bad year!

I thought I would have to pay for this terrible mistake forever. It was through that thing called the Internet that I got word that you are the best. When I met you in January, I made a deal with myself that I would accept whatever you recommended and move on no matter what the outcome. If the best couldn’t fix me, then I was going to have to live with my poor decision. The great news is that apparently someone took mercy on me and I don’t have to live with this. You delivered and lived up to your reputation, Doctor. I can’t even express what it was like to go out in public today and not have the level of anxiety I’ve had since this thing started. I have some work to do, but a little bit of normal was nice.

I know you don’t have to take on every case, but you do have the ability to make a difference. As silly as this situation may seem to most people in world, the ramifications of having your face altered can be devastating and humiliating. You definitely have a skill that I’ve come to determine not many have. Because of it, I hope to now move on with my life – at least until I need the next refill :). All the best, D.F. (from Hungtinton Beach, CA)

“Hi Dr. Hoenig, I just want to send a quick message to you – to let you know, I have just turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan…. at least I think so. Sorry for giving you a few minutes of whining back a couple of weeks ago. I respect you and your skills and knowledge about the whole picture. As I said before, I’m so honored to have you as my surgeon. I want you to see a couple of pictures me (which I know you will say that I’m only 30% done) I still have a little bruising under the “new” lower lids, but it hides well. I’m so proud of my new self… take a look…….. I’m getting compliments. Yours sincerely,” Joan (retired, from Redlands, CA for facelift, fat transfer, lower eyelid surgery, chin implant, chemical peel)

“Just wanted to put in my two cents about Dr. Honig being an amazing facial plastic surgeon! I started getting Botox from Dr. Hoenig back in the dark ages when he was working at Loma Linda, and I’m still his patient. He did the most incredible facelift on me in May of 2010, and continues to perform his magic with fillers. I have the neck of a twenty year old (I’m 62)! G.V. (retired teacher from Riverside, CA for facelift, fat transfer, lip lift)

“Dr Hoenig- I saw you this morning for restylane to fix the “dent” in the corner of my left eye + brow area. I know I wasn’t a model patient & definitely nervous about the injections, but I am so happy with the results so far! The dent is gone…it may come back a little as the swelling goes but still a major improvement. Thank you for being so gentle with me. There wasn’t even mild discomfort today & my swelling is minimal with no bruising. This is a night and day difference compared to what I experienced with the last doctor. Thanks again!” Jessica

“After reading this months newsletter I felt moved to write this letter. Dr. Hoenig is the ONLY doctor I would consider going to for any kind of facial surgery. After being told by several doctors over the last twenty or so years how I needed a: browlift, cheeklift, eyelift, etc., luck brought me to your office. Despite being a top plastic surgeon, Dr. Hoenig told me that it was too soon for me to undergo surgery. Even though it meant less money in his pocket, he recommended injectables. I know first-hand that Dr. Hoenig puts his patient’s welfare over his own financial considerations, and for this reason, to coin a a phrase, my face is in his hands. Sincerely,” Jamie Rose (actor and author)

“Dr Hoenig did my face lift and does my botox injections. This doctor is the kindest, warmest and most most wonderful Doctor that I have ever dealt with . Additionally, his skill level is outstanding. He took about 10 years off my face and yet its totally natural looking. My recovery period was fast and swift without much swelling nor any black and blue marks. I had interviewed 10 different doctors and when I met Dr Hoenig , I had an intutitive feeling that he is the one that I need to choose. I could not have been more satisfied with my decision.” P.J. (patient from los angeles, facelift, playsmaplasty, fat transfer)

“Dear Danya and Jonathan, Thank you so much for you kindness. I never looked forward to a doctor’s visit before meeting both of you. Warmest,” S.K. (actor from Los Angeles, Radiesse injections)

“Danya, Thank you again for taking your valuable time today to listen and sincerely care about my well-being. THAT is what sets your practice apart from the rest. It’s like you recognize you are not only treating the person’s body, but their mind and spirit as well. You and Dr. Hoenig have a special gift from God to help people with difficult eye complications. God must have been listening to my prayers. I liked that you understood and said, “this is a journey, Amy” because it IS and that is why commitment and trust is so paramount. You touch people and change their lives and improve the quality of their lives. I’ve read that Dr. Hoenig can take really challenging cases and make them look better than nature did! I pray that I”m that blessed.

My only regret is not finding Dr. Hoenig 2 surgeries ago. Now he has the difficult job of repairing two other surgeon’s mistakes/complications. But it’s through his generous spirit that he is willing to take on challenging cases. Lots of plastic surgeons want only the quick and easy money patients. Dr. Hoenig, on the other hand, is a REAL doctor who does both cosmetic and reconstructive work. I’m blessed to have you on this journey with me. As a mother yourself, I’m sure you understand why it’s so important for me to have this behind me. My children and husband see me suffering daily and I not only want to get better for myself, but for my family. They need me. It’s been tough on them as well. You take care and I promise to do everything Dr. Hoenig tells me to do so that we get the best result possible. ” Amy (teacher from florida, eyelid surgery revision)

“Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for your kindness while I was in LA to see Dr. Hoenig… It was such a positive and warm experience with him…he took so much time explaining everything to me and I was able to put a plan in motion for future procedures with him. All of you were so kind and warm…and I am so happy with my lips: They look so pretty…I’m soo pleased I found you through Marianne. She was so helpful and kind as well. I know I have found my future Dr. in Dr. Hoenig for other procedures and look forward to being in touch again soon. Again thank you all!! Warm Regards,” S.S. (dance school owner and instructor from Florida, juvederm lip augmentation)

“Dr. Hoenig, Just wanted to formally thank you for “fixing” me. The problem I was having for years which absolutely plagued me every day seems to be GONE thanks to you. After trying various products (Juvaderm, Restylne, etc.) to try to lessen the two deep creases under my eyes (above the cheekbone) you suggested Radiesse. It’s now been a couple of weeks and the lines are still 99% gone and I don’t feel/appear sad every time I look in the mirror !!! Just hoping it lasts a reasonable amount of time. You’re terrific.” N.B. (clerical assistant from Woodland Hills, radiesse cheek augmentation)

“Wow! Thank you again for making me feel like I’m your only patient. You have calmed my fears and concerns and I am so glad I made the trip all the way across the nation. I must have a guardian angel looking out for me as finding Dr. Hoenig was like finding a needle in a haystack. Thanks again for everything. We will conquer ever one of my eye problems, one by one, and I’m confident in Dr. Hoenig’s ability and care. Warm Regards, see you in May. Take care” A.A. (patient from Florida, eyelid surgery revisions)

“Dear Danya, My hands look great….honestly I think with this procedure you are responsible for taking every bit of ten years off of them. I did experience a bit of swelling…but no more then from the product itself for the first 24 hours. Unnoticeable unless you knew. Again thanks so much for everything, to both you and Dr. Hoenig, that you do to make me feel better about my appearance. Best wishes,” G.R. (university administrator from Los Alamitos, for radiesse to hands)

“Dear Danya, I wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did with my Botox and Juvederm injections. You really are the Da Vinci of injectors and my results are amazing in that I can still move my muscles but have a smooth brow and my lines have all but disappeared from the Juvederm. I can’t imagine going to anyone else! I still look like me only refreshed and rejuvenated. Everyone keeps asking me “what’s different” and comments that I look rested. I’ll be back for more as soon as things start to wear off. Thanks again,” W.R. (wine salesperson from Valencia, CA for Botox and Juvederm injections)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, I’m certain you have a file cabinet full of notes, but here’s another! Thank you for your expertise and light hands! I’m thrilled to finally look rested! What a boost! The day before, my Greek mother said, “You’re going to ruin your face!”, and after I saw you she said, “How long does it last?” See you soon,” D.B. (patient from Los Angeles, Restylane to lower eyelids for eyelid bags)

Best surgeon in Los Angeles if not the planet. Had Ptosis and needed eyelid surgery. Very difficult case. Other PS’s would not do the case. Dr. H made it happen. Did it beautifully, painless, professional and reasonable. I am high profile on TV and my career was at stake. The man is a “godsend”. I recommend him to all without hesitation. The best!… J.S. (attorney from Beverly Hills, ptosis eyelid surgery, posted on RealSelf.com)

Doctor Hoeing did an amazing lift to my upper face even though its several years old. I had it without anesthesia and it was both painless and bruise free. Doctor Hoenig is the the kindest, warmest plastic surgeon I have ever met and I interviewed many in beverly hills. He is not extreme but rather gives a natural look . I could not be happier with my results. Patty (patient from Los Angeles, facelift, fat transfer)

“Please pass along my thanks to Dr. Hoenig. I had 5 FU injections on Monday and I’ve been astonished at the correction that has occurred already. After months of beating myself up for being so stupid for having undergone a fat transfer, it’s nice to know there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. I never thought I’d have a Plastic Surgeon for a hero, but if I’m fortunate enough to benefit from his talents to get my confidence back and move beyond this, then he qualifies 🙂 Take care” D.F. (sales director for fat transfer revision from Huntington Beach, CA)

“Dr. Hoenig, Thank you so much for the fabulous result from my recent injections. I had always been apprehensive about getting sub-malar augmentation but I cannot believe the difference it has made in my appearance! It has taken years off of my face! Thank you!!! Marianne (entrepeneur, for filler injections from the Inland Empire area, CA)

“Dear Danya, Thank you so very much for your wonderful care after my first procedure. I was so glad you were with me during the lower eyelid surgery. You have a wonderful combination of professionalism and kindness. Ken is so pleased with his first Botox and filler results. You have two lifetime patients. My sincere best regards,” J.S. (housewife from Newport Coast, CA, lower eyelid surgery, browlift, facelift, fat transfer)

“Dear Dr Hoenig,  Just a few lines to say thank you. My new eyes are looking fabulous, in the last few weeks they have really come into their own. Everyone is commenting and they don’t even know I’ve had them done!! That’s just the effect I wanted. That’s it now I’m hooked. It’s a procedure on every visit! Many thanks once again. Best wishes,” N.B. (pharmaceuticals rep for upper eyelid surgery, from South Wales, UK)

“Dear Dr Hoenig, I want to thank you both for making me feel so at ease when I visited you, one can feel they are in great hands. My eyes are back to their normal shape, thank you so much. Thank you,”D.C. (under eye Restylane, from Portugal)

“Dear Dr Hoenig, Just thought I would express my sincere thanks to you for restoring my confidence. My eyes are looking great!, just a smudge of a bruise left and that little bump is shrinking. I put my suit on this morning to go to work for the first time in 18 months feeling like ‘myself’. After numerous appointments with ‘top’ consultants in the UK all I heard was “its swelling that will go” or “you need a mid face lift” No one but me has any idea about how this whole fiasco with restylane and hyalase affected me and I am so relieved that It is finally over and without having to go under the knife which upon your explanation would surely have been a disaster.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to the rest of your team, I was made to feel at ease during the entire time and the service you all provide is fantastic!. I will send you pics as soon as the bruise disappears so you can see the final result…..hopefully not too much will absorb. You’ve done a wonderful job, looks completely natural, I can’t explain how grateful I am……..it’s better than I could have ever hoped for...Many thanks again, Best Wishes” Kate (medical sales rep for filler revision and lower eyelid fat transfer surgery, patient from UK)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, I have a wonderful time learning from you. You are an extraordinary surgeon and a great thinker. Its one of my most memorable experiences in my training to be with you and your crews. Please keep on teaching. All the best with your health, family and business. Respectfully, Dr. Kelvin Chong” (international oculoplastic surgery fellow from Hong Kong)

“Hello Dr Hoenig, I just wanted to let you know that I’m finally able to close my right eye. I had surgery in Malaysia last year which resulted in my eye being wide open and not able to close. When I saw you last December, I had a black eye from restylane treatment from Dr (name removed). That made the eye go back to a normal size (not wide open) but still would not close. Your 3 invaluable suggestions put me on the road to recovery and made life liveable. The first being your suggestion to make a moisture chamber with plastic wrap and vasaline. This probably saved my eye from serious damage. The second is the prescriptions for the external eyelid weights you faxed to me. The third is your recommendation to use the dermal tone facial stimulator.

My heartfelt thanks to you for taking the time to help me when I was not even your patient and you would not even bill me. You were extremely kind and that gave me hope and steps to take to get me through this mess. Its fishing season in Alaska so have sent you down some seafood – hope you eat fish and that it arrived in good condition. Dont know if you have ever been to Valdez but its beautiful and the fishing is great. Best regards,” S.P. (from North Pole, Alaska, eyelid surgery repair)

“I was so impressed by the entire experience yesterday. Everyone in your office is professional and nice and welcoming. Danya is so gentle with injecting and “gets it.” It was so great that I made an appt for three months from now. Thank you all!” W.R. (botox with Danya)

“To Dr and Mrs Hoenig, You have been helping my doctor to remedy the bad fat transfer I got from another doctor here in Texas. I am very grateful to you for the kindness you have shown in offering advice on a treatment plan and for your ongoing support. Please accept this gift as a token of my appreciation. Sincerely,” V.C. (eyelid fat transfer consultation, patient in Texas)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, You performed my procedures (lower/upper lid, forehead lift) over 4 years ago. To this day people who haven’t seen me in a while tell me how great I look. It seems the procedures just get better with the years! I also was so pleased with the “natural-ness” of my look. People aren’t sure what took place with my face :, but they know something did! And to add to it all…we have a blast when we come to see you for Botox!” J.M. (Long Beach, CA, browlift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, eyelid retraction repair)

“Dr. Hoenig, Can’t thank you enough! Barbara and I sincerely appreciate your extraordinary patient care and bedside manner. Your humble attitude and compassion make all the difference.” D.C. (patient from Whittier, CA, necklift)

“Dear Dr Hoenig, Thank you for the wonderful surgeries you have done for my friends and family and the way you make me look after my fillers. I am forever grateful and will always keep referring customers to you. You are a true artist with people and you make every individual look their best. Thanks always.” S.R.

“Dr. Hoenig, Thank you for your honesty. I will always be grateful for your integrity and skill. I feel that the injections definitely helped and now I just need to give it some time. Thank you for making me feel welcome! The office staff are amazing too and always have a smile on their beautiful faces. You are wonderful people! Dr. Hoenig could have totally taken advantage of me. Instead, because he has such an enormous amount of integrity, he gave me a reality check. I will be forever grateful to know that there are people like Dr. Hoenig and you out there. Warmest regards,” R.K. (patient from Texas, fat transfer revisions)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, I wanted to thank you for being so attentive to my concerns when we met this last May 6th. My spirits were so uplifted after our meeting. I was very grateful that you took the time to answer my questions and offer me some solutions to my under-eye circles. I have been living with this condition for many years and always held hope that you could provide me with some reassurances. Thank you for being so thoughtful. Sincerely,” M.A. (patient from Santa Rosa, CA, lower eyelid dark circle treatment)

“First do no harm” is the basic tenet of medical ethics: the Hippocratic oath, and Dr. Hoenig embodies it. I’ve been a professional actress for over thirty years, have had lead roles in numerous television shows and films, and have access to the top Plastic Surgeons in L.A. I’ve had consultations with many of them, and most of them recommended (surprise, surprise), surgery. When I was thirty I was told I needed an eye job and a brow lift. By age forty-five a major Beverly Hills doctor met with me at his lavishly decorated office (I wonder what his rent is?) and told me I needed a full face and neck left, to the tune of approximately thirty-five thousand dollars. Through all this, (thankfully), an inner voice kept telling me to wait. I’d seen too many friends and colleagues have their faces (and careers) ruined by aggressive plastic surgery. When I looked in the mirror, I could see lines, and yes, a bit of sagging around my eyes and neck. But I knew I still looked pretty good for my age. I was still playing five-ten years younger. So I just stuck with injectables. Nothing drastic. Nothing irreversible.

At forty-eight, I thought, OK. I think it’s time. I need to get my eyes done. A friend referred me to Dr. Hoenig. Thank god. Dr. Hoenig told me I was definitely not ready for an eye-lift. That if he did it, it would look unnatural. And here’s the thing: even though he is a heavily in demand plastic surgeon, who’s specialty is eyes, he recommended injectables-not surgery. Since then, I have sent several friends to Dr. Hoenig. And, he gave each person a different recommendation, one that was appropriate for him or her, rather than what was most appropriate for Dr. Hoenig’s bank account. He suggested surgery to two of them, and injectables for the others.

I have been a regular patient of Dr. Hoenig’s for the last two years. He has continued using Botox and Restalyne to treat my issues, and he did a medium depth chemical peel on me a few months ago with great results. And when he tells me it’s time for actual surgery, I know I can trust him. Because he has proven through action that he first does no harm.In my opinion Dr. Hoenig is the best there is. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” J.R. (patient from Malibu,CA for botox, restylane, chemical peel)

“I had work recently done by Dr. Hoenig and the results are fantastic. I’m very happy with my experience, wonderful! Because the results are so natural, my friends can’t wait for their turn.”C.R. (woodland hills)

“Dear Danya and Dr. Hoenig, I just want to express my gratitude for the beautiful work you did on my eyes. I am very happy and pleased with the results. Thank you for your exceptional care and kindness. I wish you continuous success and all the best.” N.R. (patient from los angeles, endoscopic browlift)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, It’s hard for me to believe that it is almost two years since my surgery. I’m totally thrilled with the results – at 67, I’ve been asked for ID when I purchase senior tickets! You have been so generous and kind to me from day one, through my follow up care and I thank you enormously. You are a gifted surgeon and a very special human being. I greatly appreciate all that you’ve done for me. Thanks to Danya and Naomi for their kindness and caring. All of you are the best! Fondly,” A.S. (facelift, fat transfer, and chemical peel)

“Dr. Hoenig, The enzyme worked great! Thank you! I see that the problems caused by the surgery can be solved to a very large extent by the right use of Juvederm and the enzyme. This is the best my eyes have looked in years! One eye is a bit
different than the other but I see the crease can be adjusted with Juvederm. My next appointment is in April. Thank you again for such perfect work!” W.K. (eyelid surgery revision using Juvederm and hyaluronidase)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, Thank you so much for being who you are and running such a pleasant office. From the moment I met you I felt comfortable and trusting. My eyes went well, you have been so outstanding and I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all of this care. My very best,” L.H. (from Santa Monica, CA, eyelid ptosis repair)

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, It was a pleasure meeting with you. After all the horrible procedures I had experienced, which brought my aesthetic appearance to a level of embarrassment in facing friends and family, your encouragement was most appreciated. After you injected the hyaluronidase to both eyes, I have definitely witnessed the first positive result in 3 years. I cannot thank you enough! Obviously the successful result was achieved by your expertise in carefully injecting the compound in the delicate tissue below my eyes. Thank you for making a difference and providing me with hope again.
Sincerely,” N.C. (from Scottsdale, AZ for lower eyelid Juvederm correction)

“I had two different procedures with Dr. Hoenig over the last 3 years (a facelift and my eyes done). He is a brilliant surgeon, an artist and a genuinely caring medical professional. I look so much better than I could have dreamed possible and do not look “done” in any way. The outcome is perfect and natural looking. I have referred many people to him and he is very honest with them and will not do unnecessary procedures. Those that have also had work done are thrilled.” patient review from RateMDs.com

“Dr. Hoenig is the best doctor in California. He has been seeing my wife for revision consultation and has injected Restylane several times instead of cutting on her, he is brutally honest and will not charge for things that you do not need, he downright refuses to do work that does not need to be done unlike the bad surgeon in Arcadia. Dr. Hoenig has my total recommendation and respect.” patient review from RateMDs.com

“Dr Hoenig completely restored my eyes! I had “doll’s eyes” from previous poor upper blepharoplasty; in addition, my eyelids were hanging down like sad drapes. I looked awful, to say the least. Dr. Hoenig performed a Mueller resection of my eyelids and injected Restylane and Juvederm in my upper hollows. Since then, he has re-injected some more filler AT NO CHARGE. Unbelievable service, kindness and expert attention from his staff. He also did my friend’s facelift – she looks unbelievable. He is so good that I wouldn’t trust my face to any other doctor. And his fees are not excessive like some other less talented docs in Beverly Hills. I LOVE DR HOENIG!” another patient review from RateMDs.com

“Dear Dr. Hoenig, As a marketing and fashion consultant, people expect me to be right on trend. For the last few years, however, I’ve hidden my neck — high collars, turtlenecks, whatever I could find. When fashion turned to off-the-shoulder and strapless I was in even bigger trouble. Thank goodness scarves were in last year. I could cover my neck in style.Then this past Spring, you performed cosmetic surgery on my face and neck and did a peel on my chest. I couldn’t believe the results. Finally I was able to come out of hiding. No more turtlenecks and high collars for this gal. Not only am I completely thrilled – and still somewhat in disbelief – at the miracles you performed, but now I’m in top fashion form again.

Naturally you don’t read Vogue and Harper’s, but this season the big look is NECKLACES and necklines to show them off. Since my surgery, I’ve been on a necklace shopping spree. What’s more I’ve been able to wear some beautiful neck jewelry (gifts from family and friends) that’s been in the bottom of a drawer for years.

I still can’t believe how your surgery transformed my neck and décolleté. Not to mention my face. Yesterday I had lunch with a girl friend whose surgery you just did. (She’s the second friend to have work by you). She’s 76. We both talked about what a miracle worker you are. How warm and caring – and that goes for Danya and Naomi too. Were your ears ringing? I hope so. Enough. I don’t want you to get a swelled head. Gratefully yours, Barbara Armstrong, Marketing & Fashion Consultant” (from Los Angeles, facelift, necklift, fat transfer, chemical peel)

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