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Recovery Retreat


Dr. Hoenig’s plastic surgery aftercare center of choice is Serenity Aftercare. Located in Santa Monica, California, Serenity is a state and federally licensed post-surgical aftercare facility meeting the needs of the plastic surgery and elective surgery patient. Serenity combines the best of a luxury hotel with the advantage of a modern hospital, all in a single location. At Serenity, you will experience the care, comfort, and security that are essential to your recovery.

Serenity is exclusively focused on serving the elective surgery patient in that brief, yet important time period between surgery and a prudent and safe return home. Serenity is a medically oriented setting offering licensed nursing care, hotel-like accommodations, and optional therapeutic services.

2021 Arizona Ave
2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404


Serenity Rooms and Rates

Deluxe Private $1095
Standard Private $975
Guest $350

Rates are current as of 9/17. Check with Serenity for current rates. Room rate includes transportation to and from Dr. Hoenig’s office, nursing care, basic medical and treatment supplies, and meals. Additional charges will apply for medication, special medical equipment (e.g. oxygen) or tests ordered by your doctor (SCD’s, laboratory, X-Ray, etc.).

If you wish to go to Serenity after surgery, we are happy to assist you with your reservations.

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